KCRPC is also linked to the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) through its HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program. HGACBuy has been working in the cooperative purchasing industry for more than 30 years. Your experience and purchasing power can save local governments a lot on buying large equipment purchases. Agencies can view the KCRPC or HGACBuy contract database to view product availability. The Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee is affiliated with the Houston-Galveston Area Council consortium to access its expertise in the purchase of heavy equipment and other products, in order to achieve optimal price savings through national economies of scale. This saves the region money, time and administrative burdens. A full list of HGAC contracts can be find here. The basic process includes consultation of an offer by the lender and a review/approval of the HGAC offer. Once an order has been placed, a copy must be sent to Debbie Groat, Co-operative Purchasing Coordinator, BRCPC at dgroat@baltometro.org. The order description must contain BMC/HGAC Interlocal Agreement #07-1835 and the specific HGAC contract number. The use of HGACBuy contracts can facilitate the purchase of public equipment, fire and emergency equipment, communications equipment and services, as well as several other products that may be difficult to offer to a single agency.

Speed up the process by integrating KCRPC into the early acquisition phases of your thinking. Contact Rita Parker, KCRPC Program Coordinator. Suppliers who are interested in participating in the HGACBuy process can visit “How to Become a Contractor.” HGACBuy is an increasingly national program with end-users in most countries. Contracts are made directly with manufacturers, federal distributors and other suppliers at the company level. Local dealers in the Kansas City area can be awarded if the manufacturer represented has a contract. In the event that a contract assignment cannot be concluded, local distributors are included in the delivery and offer pre-delivery inspections as well as warranty and service work. HGACBuy focuses on products and services with a superior ticket requiring detailed and technical specifications. Offers include items such as heavy equipment, ambulances, fire trucks, buses and reapers.