Each lender and issuer L/C irrevocably appoint Bank of America to act on its behalf as an administrative agent in connection with the other loan documents and the CAM agreement, and authorizes the administrative officer to take such measures on his behalf and to exercise the powers conferred on the administrative officer by the provisions of this or this agreement, as well as reasonably incidental acts and powers. The CAM agreement is negotiated on the basis of the length of arms, is based on the usual practice of the film industry and is not very different, in its conditions and effects, from the standard CAM agreement provided for in the context of the decision request. FFA Production Services will enter into a collection account management agreement (`CAM agreement`) with an independent third party responsible for providing collection account management services. The CAM agreement named Walker Ownership “Maintenance Manager, responsible for the operation, control and maintenance of the common space.” CP to 4691. At the same time as any lender that becomes a contracting party, this lender executes satisfactory documents for the administrative officer in order to become a party to the CAM agreement.