Off-campus apartments offer students the opportunity to experience independent housing situations in the University District and Greater Seattle. Almost all off-campus housing situations have a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. This can take the form of an apartment or a single room in a common house, and many do not contain furniture. There are plenty of off-campus accommodations that offer affordable prices and comfortable accommodations. FIUTS has gathered some useful tips to start the search. Your accommodation and choice of place of residence can play an important role in your overall student experience. Fortunately, there are many possibilities in and around the university. UW students have three main types of accommodation to choose from: on campus, off-campus apartments and host families. UW to provide housing and dining services, learning opportunities and a residential environment that complements your academic and personal development. Different gender and transgender students are encouraged to contact us if you are considering their choice of accommodation or if you would like to discuss issues or issues related to your gender identity.

Call us before the contract deadline expires to discuss your options. With the signing of your housing contract, you have entered into a legal agreement that provides that a large number of units are available at the UW. With traditional residences, the most modern facilities, residential and fraternal housing and public housing, there is something for everyone. If you are considering accommodation at the University Residence Hall and would like to be accommodated with other veterans, transfer students or first-year students, please contact one of our student mission and services coordinators at 608-262-2522 and we will discuss your on-campus housing needs with you. Contractual advances/rights are a necessary part of the legal activity of a university residence contract. The prepayment/contract fee as well as a signed contract means that you have entered into a legally binding agreement with the department of university residences.