How can I use Slice it? When you shop online, the Klarnas system checks each order to determine the payment options available to you. If the slice is offered, just select this option. When you first buy with Slice`s, you will be invited to apply for a Klarna account. If you are approved, Klarna will create an account for you and your order will be placed. Every time you buy with Slice, you just have to accept the purchase and you don`t need to re-register. The order amount will be added to your Klarna account in the form of additional promotional plans. Credit from Klarna AB [will be added after credit account in financial circumstances] Contact us simply under Merchant assistance and declare that you want to transfer your contract. We will send a transfer form that only needs to be completed and returned. The commitment period is 12 months. The contract is automatically renewed one month before the commitment period expires. Klarna reserves the right to revoke this contract at any time.

Talk to the sales department. Make sure that your platform supports the integration of these countries and that countries are included in your Klarna agreement. If light is another price, the agreement would be terminated and a new agreement placed. If you want to update your consent to a new version like PrestaShop or WooCommerce, simply fill out the upgrade application form you find on our website. Alternatively, you can go to the distribution for alternative upgrades to the platform. If you sell goods to customers in another country, your IBAN number is required to obtain international payments. You will find the IBAN number assigned to your bank account in your online bank or you can contact your bank. All data you receive from Klarna will be treated with due diligence and in accordance with applicable laws and/or in accordance with information that may be defined in a distributor or other agreement between you and Klarna. If you have a reseller account at Klarna (for example. B an EID or MID), it is important to protect account information and notify Klarna of any unauthorized use of that account. If you have registered with Klarna via our website, you do not have a binding deadline for your agreement. Klarna is an award-winning retail finance provider.