A. Normally, the salary attributable to a sponsored project is the employee`s rate of pay multiplied by that of the employee for the project. However, the salary that subsertons an award-winning bonus cannot be paid at a rate greater than the actual capped annual salary multiplied by the project burden. Brown will meet all salary caps for sponsors that would provide rewards to the university to support research or other activities. When an agency sets a maximum rate for which a person can be paid on that agency`s resources, Brown ensures that a salary above that rate is not burdened by the grant, contract or cooperation agreement issued by that agency. Salary that goes beyond the nih salary cap is considered a mandatory cost-sharing and should be determined during the bonus proposal phase. See the release of costs for sponsored projects (300.0). For grants that were funded prior to December 23, 2011 and are still eligible for the use of the Executive Level I (EL I) salary cap, there is nothing in the NIH guidelines to show a change in level from the current $201,700. In order to set the salary cap for an individual grant, the department should refer to the “issue date” of the last grant communication (NOA). When it is issued on or after December 11, 2011, it is subject to the EL II threshold.

Divisions can also check the value of the “Allow Flag 08” field in MyFD`s budget profile. The value “1” indicates that the budget is subject to the EL I salary cap and that a value of “2” indicates that it is subject to EL II. The surplus above the salary cap may be covered by non-federal or uns sponsored funds. Reason for disclosure: This notice contains information on the salary caps imposed for the 2020 financial year for candidates, fellows and contractors of the Agency for Research and Quality of Health (AHRQ). When preparing the fee allowance, the monthly salary charged to an NIH bonus during the academic year and/or summer must not exceed the monthly nih-cap rate multiplied by the percentage of the effort. The salary cap is not considered a share of the costs, as the salary above the cap is an unauthorized expense for the bonus. Salary changes and annual changes to the salary cap affect the amount of department resources needed to cover the salary cap.