if a centralized real estate gift from the father to his sons, whose stamp duty must be paid at 2.5% or 5%, stamp duty must in principle be paid at the time of registration of the property in his name. For land, housing, housing units, registration and stamp fees depend on the marketable area of the property. It also depends on the market price and the DLC price. The fact that the cow supplement was extended to all instruments in the Rajasthan Stamp Act did not amuse the industry. In the 2016-17 budget, the surcharge amounts to 10% of stamp duty levied on 12 documents, such as transport instruments, exchange, gift, billing, sharing, purchase agreement, composition, mortgage, power of attorney, leasing and the reorganization of the development contract. Hello, I have a commercial lot in my village near Jodhpur. I received this property from my grandfather to my father and later to my father, which was given to me by the will. I want to sell this plot, but Sarpanch and some intercessors have told me that you can`t sell before you do Patta Navnikaran Registry in your name. I have been visiting Sarpanch`s office for over 40 days, but he does not give me permission from Patta navnikaran. I have attached all the necessary documents with my ownership documents.

Now, please run what I have to keep in mind – If you pay stamp duty and registration fees in cash, you have to pay a cash handling fee (100 – 200 Rs) In the same way, it proposed to sell stamp duty on contract and property sales authorization from 3% and 2% to 0.5% and registration fees on mandate and was reduced to 0.25%. LegalDesk.com is a well-established provider of legal, editorial, administrative and registration services for individuals and businesses at the pan-Indian level. From the development of leases, wills, partnership contracts, sworn insurance, etc., to stamping paper and business creation services. LegalDesk.com has also set up an API for stamp duty payment, which can be used by organizations, businesses and individuals in Rajasthan or another state to pay stamp duty. To boost the real estate market, Raje also offered a stamp duty exemption on 5% of commercial areas of 100 to 500 m2 and a 10% concession on land over 500 m2. I have LIG Duplex house with seperet onwer gruon dand and 1 flor. I would regisred leasing tat in sro 1 in udaipur. how i caculet stamp duty and other taxes if ITU IS 1ST Party. how many taxes apply and how many taxes apply and is calculated. The concession of stamp duty on lease vouchers issued after the regularization of Section 90-A by the State Government, ULBs or State Enterprises e-Stamp Paper has become the most recent trend to pay stamp duty in India, because it is more convenient, safer to handle, simpler and faster to buy and use paper online than the traditional method. The e-Stamp non-judicial paper in Rajasthan is produced in a few minutes, information can be accurately completed, verification can be carried out at any time and on the place. Electronic stamp services are available at 203 under-registering points, 404 certified stamp sellers and 52 government bank branches.

The amount of registration must be paid in cash or in DD or A/c transfer. Apart from these fees advocate fee is added. Stamp duty is the amount the client pays to the government as a tax on the purchase of a property.