The legacy that can be created by the sustainability of a recurrence agreement is often attractive to landowners who have invested considerable effort in good management, especially for those with a historical or family connection to their property. Landowners who are members or volunteers in one of the Council`s conservation programs can find this information through assistance. If necessary, the conservation officer will explain the process of developing a natural refuge and designate a natural refuge and will discuss all of the owner`s concerns. If the landowner and the ministry wish to continue, a draft nature protection agreement will be developed in agreement with the landowner. The Natural Refuge Program is the Queensland government`s main voluntary nature protection program. National parks alone cannot maintain Queensland`s incredible variety of plants, animals and ecosystems. Landowners can play a key role in protecting the state`s biodiversity by building a natural refuge on their property. A nature reserve is a class of protected areas under the Nature Protection Act 1992. A VCA is a contract between a private owner and the Council and provides permanent protection for all or part of your property.

It`s entirely voluntary. The protected area agreed upon on the land is listed on the title of the land as a Federal Reserve and/or Nature Reserve and, under the Noosa Plan, as zone protection and nature protection. This name remains on the title when the property changes ownership. More than half of Brisbane`s wildlife habitat is on private land. This is essential for the survival and preservation of our native wildlife. Brisbane City Council supports landowners who join Brisbane City Council`s Wildlife Conservation Program (WCPP). They receive advice on revegetation, local flora and wildlife species and how to maintain and restore wildlife habitat on their land. Once the land is deemed appropriate and all interests are settled, a conservation agreement and management program are developed and the Special Nature Reserve is designated in accordance with the conservation contract and management program. When a landowner signs a nature reduction agreement, they are supported by conservationists in important parts of the state.

These officers assist landowners with individual advice on how best to protect the conservation values of their natural refuge. The Refuges Program creates shelters on private land through voluntary conservation agreements between the Qld government and landowners. A nature reserve is a class of protected areas under the Nature Protection Act 1992. A natural reducant is negotiated by a permanent and legally binding agreement between the owner and the state, which protects the country`s environmental values while allowing compatible and sustainable use of land.