The only thing you can do is get your tracking sequence up. Leave with the hope that you won`t hear from an interested party at the first visit and the next time you send a proposal to a client and you don`t hear it coming back, you`ll be ready for that and you`ll know what to do next. Thanks for your great help in pursuing old customers, but how to get new well-paid customers? What is your strategy for this part of the new business? You can at any time terminate in writing our commitment to this matter. However, if you or we decide that we can no longer work for you, you will be responsible for our fees until the termination date. You will have to pay all remaining fees, fees and payments until the termination date. We can keep all documents, documents and other guarantees until all funds are liabilited to us are paid. We may have withheld all funds registered in an account you have with us until all unpaid fees and payments are paid, as well as VAT and termination-related fees and payments. After the completion of the conservation procedure, we will inform all parties involved and, if necessary, ask the court to appear on your behalf. The company`s author Laura Spencer recommends checking that you have not yet received a response from the customer. It may have disappeared in your email, or you contacted another person on the team. This means that it can take some tactile tracking points to give an answer. Be sure to leave at least half a week between follow-ups, if not more.

Don`t forget to be polite and attentive in your follow ups — it`s never a good idea to insult a customer because he`s not as punctual as you hoped. It is important that you keep your contact information up to date. Please inform us of changes to phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses. Here, too, we believe, as a precautionary measure, that you should follow in writing all phone calls regarding these changes. I always want to work with your company and I am satisfied in many ways. “To ensure that the company provides first-class service to all of our customers, we meet the quality standards of the Law Society Lexcel. That is why we are subject to regular checks by law Society experts. This may mean that your file is selected for verification, in which case we need your consent for verification. All inspections are carried out confidentially. If you refuse consent, the work on your file will not be compromised. Since very few of our clients object, I suggest that we have your consent, unless you warn us otherwise. We also assume that on this occasion, approval extends to all future issues that we conduct on your behalf.

Please contact me if you need another explanation or if you would like me to identify your file as blind.