16.1.1 This agreement does not affect the legal rights of a party, including those acting as consumers. For New Zealand consumers who purchase the software for personal, domestic or private (non-professional) use, this agreement is subject to the Consumer Guarantee Act. In order for users to connect, you need to set up your firewall and proxy servers to enable web service point connections on Adobe`s website. Terms and conditions of sale are the basis of Adobe`s business licensing conditions. This means that there are a number of essential licensing conditions that apply to all of our products and services. If the software is designed to be used with application software published by Adobe (the “host app”); Adobe grants you a non-exclusive license to use this software only with the host app; If you have a valid Adobe license for the host app. Except as shown below; This software will be granted to you under the terms of Adobe`s end-user license agreement, which governs your use of the host app. When you download or use the software to use, Adobe grants you a limited and non-exclusive license to install and use the software on a computer to solve some file deterioration issues. “computer,” a virtual or physical computer device that accepts information in a digital or similar form and processes it on the basis of a series of instructions for a given result. Please note that the provisions of Section 8 (Limitation of Liability) continue to apply to any customer claims for compensation regarding the use of the Software. Adobe is, however, responsible for reasonably foreseeable direct losses in the event of Adobe`s breach of this agreement. Customers are advised to take all reasonable steps to prevent and reduce damage, including producing copies of copies of the software and computer data. Adobe Sign individual and small business plans that were purchased on Adobe.com include 150 transactions per user per year.

We recognize that it can be difficult to measure the exact number of transactions required, so send the amount you need in the first year, provided it complies with Adobe Sign`s usage restrictions. If you exceed 150 transactions per user per year, contact our sales team 800-685-4192 so we can tailor a plan to your needs. For business and business plans, usage depends on the plan and can be based on a pro user or transaction model. Here you`ll find an overview of our approach to enterprise contracting, find answers to your licensing questions and learn more about other aspects of our business. Creative Cloud for Education licenses offer the ability to authorize software on a given computer instead of a designated user or with a serial number. Users never need to log in or enter a serial number to use the software. Licenses are linked to computer presentation pools that are created automatically when you order products. Contact your Adobe contact to discuss how you can continue to provide your electronic signature features to businesses through our more comprehensive digital documentation platform, which includes Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign Enterprise.

2.6 Documentary copies. The Client may make copies of the documentation for his own internal use in connection with the use of the Software in accordance with this Agreement, but no more than the reasonably necessary amount.