Differences of opinion. Difference of opinion or inconsistency or agreement of views; such as a disagreement between members of a jury, among court judges or between arbitrators. D iruell v. Lyon, 85 Tex. 466, 22 percent. W. 304; Insurance Co. v. Doying, 55 N. J. Law, 559, 27 Atl. W7; Fow- ble v. Insurance Co., 106 MB.

Ca. 527, 81 pp. W. 485. 1. a contractual agreement between the parties to the proceedings, which defines the procedures that a party must follow during the litigation phase, in order to protect itself from the renunciation of a privilege or the protection of work equipment and to recover privileged documents created inadvertently. – also known as the recovery clause. See The Fed. A.

Evid. 502. 2. Tax recovery agreement. Estoppel is based on the acceptance of achievements, Harjo v. Johnston, 187 Okl. 561, 104 p.2d 985, 992, 998; Real or constructive fraudulent behavior, Peterson v. Hudson Ins.

Co., 41 Ariz. 31, 15 p.2d 249, 252; Statements or denials that prompt another to respond to his injury, Wabash-Drilling Co. v. Ellis, 230 Ky. 769, 20 S.W.2d 1002, 1004; Agreement and counting of facts by the treaty`s entry into force, Masterson v. Bouldin, Tex.Civ.App., 151 S.W.2d 301, 307; the assertion of facts on which another is based; adopt a position that, if not maintained, would lead to injustice over another; Hide the Facts, Greer v. Franklin Life Ins. Co., Tex.Civ.App., 109 S.W.2d 305,.315; Behaviours or acts that amount to representation or cover-up; consent to copyright infringement, whether explicit or implied, by long-standing consent to knowledge of the infringement, Edwin L. Wiegand Co. v. Harold E.

Trent Co., C.C.A.Pa., 122. F.2d 920, 925; Choice between rights or recourse, Mason – Mason v. Brown, Tex.Civ. App., 182 S.W.2d 729, 733; Inaction, Hankins v. Waddell, 26 Tenn.App. 71, 167 S.W.2d 694, 696; Laches; Language or behaviour that prompted another to act, Brown v. Federal Land Bank of Houston, Tex.Civ.App., 180 S.W.2d 647, 652. “contract” refers to any contract, contract, license, lease, obligation, agreement or understanding, in writing or orally. Personal care contract. An older law. A formal agreement between an elderly person and a caregiver for the provision of personal care in a retirement or care home, for financial compensation.

– also known as the Agreement on The Care of the Elderly; The care contract The family care contract Tutor`s contract The personal care agreement; The family care contract The tutor`s consent Agreement on personal assistance to personal care services; Independent care contract. In contract law. cancel or remove the obligation of a contract; at n:.. i:-1 a zero-and immunosuppressed agreement or contract. By marginal means, the term refers to the act or instrument by which the force of commitment of a contract is terminated, that the contract is broken in the proposed extension of Tbr-Tull (in the case of W`i. IICi) of the introduction, the performarmc result) or “before full execution.”