Now the investor is eager to go and get as much money. This time, the seller says I can`t put this thing in any subway city without a symbolic advance in its place, which corporate guy will deny. Then the investor gives some money, maybe Lakhs, or even crores, depending on his ability to the seller to bring this thing into the city of Metro. They will come to an agreement and the seller will sign some bonds and take a blank cheque from the investor as collateral for the balance. They`re going to put this thing in town, and the company keeps pulling all the and bull stories, and in the meantime, the seller escapes. one. Please give a few more words and explain this concept of “rice.” I have no idea what you are talking about, and until we do, I think you are being betrayed in some way. Deepak had contacted Parmar and offered him the possibility of buying “rice, available from one of his acquaintances at very low cost. The complainant was told that “rice makers” are a copper and iridium alloy used by NASA in space satellites to produce energy, he said. The crooks confessed to having deceived 8-10 other people by the same modus operandi. The Tyagi gang leader, who had suffered losses in his production and computer software business, which he ran from his office in Narayana, had discovered the idea of selling and buying “rice merchants” by surfing a technology website.

I am very surprised to notice that iridium derives rice from copper metals. One of my people has a copper plate that pulls rice at a distance of 6.” Not many people told him it was going to bring him a good amount. So he is looking for a real buyer. If a real buyer comes into contact with me for the purchase of Iridium Copper Metal, I will definitely arrange a good item. But I doubt there are such buyers. Please let me know who buys Iridium copper metals and for what purpose. The arrested defendants were identified as Tapeshwar Tyagi, 53, who introduced himself as the coordinator of a French-based company, Deepak Tiwari, 36, a graphic designer who contacted former subedar Major Balraj Singh Parmar (who was deceived) and Naresh Kumar Gandhi, 65, who posed as an expert in verifying the authenticity of educators. No one from Chennai [name removed from the editor] approached for this company 3 years ago that there is a material that is copper iridium and we can get huge money from them.

He took us to West Bengal, where he told us there was equipment, and we had to pay a symbolic advance for this material “of which we can receive a huge amount from companies.” This guy is a total fake, where he has a relationship with some of the guys called “corporate testers”. I know there is copper-iridium metal that pulls rice, but not to the extent of getting 10k crores and more. This guy is following this fraud case of recent years. Mr. [name deleted from the editor], sir, this guy is a very swindled; He stole at least 45 lakhs from us. He said he would pay back the money he took from us after doing a deal like this. It completely ruined my life. Help me track down this guy and teach him a good lesson so we can save innocent lives. Thank you all for this forum discussion. Parmar was taken to Nasik, where Gandhi was introduced to him as an expert to certify whether the “riceduc” was original or false. A few other people also joined the trio and Parmar received some discolored yellow metal after paying 70 Lakh, he said.