You can use the seller`s agreement to your advantage with the following steps: Car Sale Contract (Mubaya) is the solution to your problem, make the agreement and let the seller go you have two weeks to go to Abu Dhabi to pay the fine and then use Mubaya to represent the actual owner of the car for registration in your name. He estimates that merchants want to earn at least 10 percent of the transaction, but the advantage for certified merchants is that sellers don`t have to worry about fraud. The owner must agree not to oppose the renewal of the contract, but his presence is not necessary to renew the contract. Therefore, if the buyer agrees to repay the loan, it is important to get a seller`s agreement from an official supplier like CarSwitch, which guarantees that they will receive the car once the debt is repaid. This protects the buyer, as he could repay the loan and the seller could disappear. If you are in the used car market for sale in Dubai, UAE, and you are thinking of buying a used car, be prepared, as it can be a complex and stressful process. In addition, you can expose yourself to fraud if you buy a car that is currently funded. The seller`s agreement (also known as mubayaa or mobayaa) is a critical document in certain situations and can protect both buyers and sellers from fraud. The experts at CarSwitch have put together this guide to help you make transfers to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. A seller`s agreement is relevant if you`re buying a car that`s currently financed, but the seller doesn`t have the money to calculate the loan. In such situations, the buyer can withdraw the seller`s loan and use such an agreement to protect himself. The seller`s agreement is a legally binding document that allows the seller to allow the buyer to transfer the car in their name once the loan is released.

Loan remediation usually takes 2-3 days and a seller`s agreement protects buyers and sellers from fraud during the transition. A seller`s agreement, also known as Mobayya, is, in some situations, a critical document that can protect both buyers and sellers from fraud. A seller`s agreement is important if the buyer wants a car that is financed and has outstanding credit, but the seller can`t clear it. In such cases, since the seller does not have the money to repay the loan, the buyer can withdraw the loan and protect himself with a Mobayya. Through this legally binding document, the seller authorizes the buyer to transfer the vehicle in his name after the loan is released, which usually takes two to three days. However, there are measures that sellers – and buyers – can undertake in the UAE to protect themselves. Here`s how you can avoid potential financial pitfalls. B. A car owner may visit an authorized dealer that writes sales contracts on behalf of the owner. The vehicle owner must be physically present at the time of the letter of the sales contract bearing their original Emirates IDENTITY card….